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Fierce Dance Academy

These ladies ARE fierce! Haling from New Castle, these ladies and gentlemen know how to work it! Ashley and Brittany had quite a job on their hands with these little ones, but the seniors and teens were there to help out.

Some of these junior dancers are well on their way to being professionals!

<----How could you not smile looking at that face!?

The is such a majestic feeling looking at these dancers in motion. Leaps and bounds make these dancers seem weightless!

The skill and coordination

required to complete these

motions is astonishing. To

be posing for a photo at the

same time makes it that much

more difficult!

These kids are told to reach for the stars. And they do! It was such a pleasure to join these ladies and gentlemen this morning to capture this beauty.

The sun got a bit harsh as the morning wore on, but you can't expect kids to want to wake up at 6 AM on a Saturday!

Great spirits, great talent, great coaches, great moms... it all rolls into great photographs!! We are so thankful for the opportunity to work with Objective Photography on this project.

#objectivephotography #dance #jumping #fiercedance #fiercedanceacademy #dancers

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