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Kristen and JT's Wedding

This day started early! Ideal Impression owner, Rebecca, teamed up with Objective Photography to capture some special moments with JT and Kristen. Among those moments were the first look. This was an emotional time as the bridal party and groomsmen looked on.

JT kept his eyes closed until Kristen tapped him on the shoulder to turn around. The groomsmen cheered him on while the bridal party whispered in disbelief at the tears in JT's eyes. The look on his face was heartwarming.

There was no doubt that the time these two had spent together both before and during their engagement made them a strong couple. Seeing them interact was like watching a couple celebrating their 25th anniversary. There was so much love and familiarity between them.

The ceremony was beautiful. Small, intimate, and full of love, it brought everyone together to witness that first kiss as a married couple.

The mother-daughter and mother-son dances melted our hearts! This event brought everyone together with nothing but love.

We are so thankful we could be a part of this! Cheers, JT and Kristen!

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