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Ideal + Children + Art = <3

This day was spent with the youth of the Bellevue Community Center. An amazing summer program was put together by Robert to teach children about expression through art. Ariel stood by to help in any way he could, but these kids didn't need much assistance in the creativity department!

The time we spent with them was used to tackle drawing out patterns and shapes for a mural that will be installed in the garden of the community center. the project was later coating in... many... layers of paint!


While there certainly was a lot of hard work going into the project, there was also time for some goofing off! What kind of a place would deny that??

Brandon looked on with approving joy :) What a fun day!

The following day, we revisited the community center to see all of the kids' hard work pay off.

We appreciate the effort. And the colors are beautiful!

We can't wait for the display to be weatherized and put in place!

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