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Preparing for a Show...

It is a long process from beginning to end. Building a frame is several steps in itself. It is only the first of many steps to get a completed piece to a show.

First you have to measure and cut the wood...

Then you have to rout and sand it....

Which is super loud and potentially dangerous...

Then you start putting it together!

You glue it... you nail it... you staple it...

You add wood filler to the holes and cracks... you sand it again...

Then you have a frame!

But not really. Then I take my 4 pieces of conjoined wood to our master framer, Rodney Pratt.

From there we work as a team to add matting, glass, and foam backing. We finish it off with paper on the back to make it clean.

You're probably wondering why the photos stopped progressing. Well, to be honest, for this batch, I haven't made it past joining my 4 pieces of wood.

In short, I need to stop writing and get building!!!

Can't wait to see you at our show on 9/9 @ 5 at 1007 N Orange St. Wilmington DE.

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