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An Entire Band Shoot with the X...

Yep, the die-hard Samsung fan has made the switch. And the camera alone justifies it.

While I was hesitant to betray the brand I have subscribed to since 2009, the hope of more creative options with my photography and such was enough for me to give Apple a whirl.

Well, that and the 15 day trial period they offered me.

We started with some classy attire. Earth Radio ruled the stage with these outfits! And by stage, I mean beautiful garden! Gibraltar was the PERFECT scenery for this plant-based band. The dress was perfectly juxtaposed with the nature.

We moved onto florals. This beachy theme was a great compliment to the cement and lily-filled environment. It was like this crew was made for this garden! And made for the camera!

We ended casual. We found a "hobbit door" and a cool fountain. Again, they rocked it. This was the most enjoyable shoot I have ever been on! These guys and gal know how to make it fun. They were willing to take off their shirts for a good shot, and that's how you know you're working with the best ;) Just kidding...

All and all, zero complaints or qualms here. 10/10 would shoot these guys again! They are naturals in nature! If photographing these musicians was your first photography experience, I would say you got LUCKY and should keep going, because it will never be this easy again.

Also.... this was all done on an IPhoneX with built in filters...

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