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4 Youth Productions and Ideal team up!

What a great day spent with 4 Youth Productions at the Bellevue Community Center! Theresa is such a wonderful soul. She works hands on with these kids to show them science, math, art, and photography. It is a beautiful thing.

The boys, clearly, had to start by playing with the hose. It's the only way to properly prepare for a shoot like this!

After some fun with the water, it was time to get down to business.

The children were instructed to stand in place in a line. Their feet were then traced by fellow classmates so the exact position of their shoes was documented.

Brandon, of Objective Photography, helped line up the shot, and an older member of the group pushed the shutter!

Then.... They struck a pose!

The kids had a blast choosing how they wanted to manipulate their own shadow. There was a lot of "dabbing" ;)

Their bodies were then removed for the second shot. This created a great illusion when the two photos were merged in Photoshop. You will have to check out 4 Youth Productions to see the final result of these kids' hard work!

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