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The Process of Building Amazing Frames

The day started late, but amazingly. I missed the Home Depot by a light and instead of turning around, I thought I would hit up the next one. Fast-forward: was pacing around the lumber isle when a young employee asked if I needed any help. I said " nope, just looking at some wood. Thanks though!" Immediately I realized that I did in fact need help cutting the wood so it would fit in my car. I picked out the 8ft sections I needed and pushed my cart to the next Isle, hoping that man or someone else was close by.. I have frames to build and I need to go!!

Thank goodness Andrew was over there, probably expecting me. Not only did he cut it to fit in my car, but he took the time to measure out each piece so I was spared some preliminary cutting. SO NICE! Thanks, Andrew. Here he is in all his orange glory:

So I finally get to the workshop and get to it! I'm super happy with the work I did.

One frame cut, routed, and nailed/glued/stapled together. ^^^^^^

X3 +1 complete and stained frame ^^^^^^

We all make mistakes........ ^^^^^

All filled in with wood putty!! They are coming together....

Attack of the sander!!! (That's me because Brandon broke the battery powered one)

All done!! Stained and waiting to dry. Like I said... this isn't the last step. Tomorrow, they head to Rodney's for some more TLC. Guys frame building isn't a joke.

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