Moving Parts Collective: Still Moving

We sincerely hope that you enjoyed your evening with us at The Mill Space this past Friday for our fantastically packed art exhibit. With our 17 amazing artists showing off their work, it was nothing short of spectacular. We were able to present the opportunity for many to participate in their first show EVER, and we were also able to show the community what an amazing space The Mill really is!

I want to thank everyone again for the parts they played in making this event as successful as it was. We exceeded not only our own expectations but those of the community as well. There really are an incredible number of moving parts that need to turn and flip in sync to bring it together, and everyone really came though.

Here are links to our artists so you can show them some love! And if you missed it... feel free to set up a tour of The Mill to check out both the space and the art. It will be up throughout this month!

Rebecca Ashton

Brandon Aufiero

Nick McNevich

Rick Hidalgo

Alim Smith

Terrance Vann

Tynisha Lomax

Trissa Hill

Nick Blanco

Liz Mateson

Lvon Yoder

Meredith Wakefield

Shefon Nechelle

Stephanie Mikul

Ralph Marley

Emily Hinchcliff

Jon Gabriel

Terry Doordan

And of course, links to those who donated to make this show complete!

The Mill Space

8th and Union Kitchen

Oldbanks Craft Bistro


Liquid Alchemy Beverages

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