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Complexions by A-Typical Society

Ideal Impression was honored to photograph an amazing event brought together by Akin (The Prince) Bethea. Taking place in Philadelphia at Indigo Bleu, Complexions consisted of models, bands, catering by That Girl Can Cook, libations by The Tiddly Turtle, spoken word, skits, and a harpist! This event highlighted the disparity between not only the black and white communities, but also between blacks themselves. There was so much love and support in one room. We were so happy to work with Akin on this project.

From bongos to electric guitars to singers to harpists to keyboardists to DJs, this event had it all!

Akin pulled out all the stops.

There were models holding poses for what seemed like forever!

The vendors were fantastic! Tiddly Turtle kept

us all refreshed with her wonderful concoctions

and TGCC kept our bellies full with awesome combos like chicken and waffles!

Find The Tiddly Turtle on IG @khaki.goldfish

Find TGCC on IG


If you missed this event, you really did miss out! Akin The Prince is known for his awesome productions, so keep a look out for the next event!

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